15 Things I’ve Learned From Being In a God-Loving Relationship

Read this! My friend Rachel has the gift of wisdom and this is important! Not just for people who are dating but for everyone! Shout out to my girl Rach!!

His Joy Awaits Me

IMG_2637 ©Aldabella Photography 2015

Now, let’s be clear here: in NO way am I a relationship expert. However, my current relationship is healthy, we are happy, and we love Jesus with our whole hearts. I have had several friends recently ask me something along the lines of, “what is the best piece of relationship advice you can give me based on what you have learned so far?” So this is a compilation of all the things I would tell anyone who is in a relationship or eventually will be!

**Disclaimer: I will be speaking purely from personal experience. Feel free to take or leave what you please because every relationship is different and some things work better for some couples than others.**

1. Seek a solid relationship with Christ FIRST.In order to share your life with someone else, you must first know where you’re going at the end of it…

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